What do we do

We help you create beautiful and functional event name badges in 3 simple steps!

SelfBadge allows you to create, design, edit, print and manage ID badges, and purchase add on products like lanyards and pouches at affordable rates. Our expertise in the event management industry also allows us to build tools like our instant scanning service, that registers your attendees in under 10 seconds. Manage your guests, speakers, schedules, and registrations at the click of a button. You've got the events, we've got the tech. There isn't much else to do than to connect. 

  • Design

    Create beautiful badges with our easy to use editor. Insert variable data like Name, City etc. Add QR / Barcode for tracking and even create multiple badge types for different kind of attendees like Delegate, Speaker, Exhibitor etc.

  • Print

    Preview & Order your badge online instantly by making online payments through various modes. Get your badges delivered to your doorstep.

  • Manage

    Keeping a track of badges distributed and various other activities is a complex task. With our checkpoint creator and web application, you can check-in your attendees or track them at various locations like Kit Distribution, Session Entry etc.

Know More

Live Analytics using Mobile App

One of the biggest problem organizers face in distributing pre-printed badges is that there is no live analytics or there is no possibility of tracking various activities like Kit Distribution or Meal Tracking etc.  However with our Web Application, you can now get live analytics and insight for your events with 3 easy steps:

Just 3 simple steps will ensure you have live analytics about the visitor flow, who has checked in and much more.

  • Add Barcode / QR code to your badge using our easy to use editor

  • Create Badge Distribution Checkpoint

  • Scan the Barcode / QR code on the badge before giving it to your attendee.


Can I create test events to try out the editor?

Yes, you can create as many test events as you want. You won’t be charged until you actually place the order.

How to print event name badges?

  • Upload an XLS / CSV file containing the fields you want to include in your badge.

  • Design your badge using our easy to use online badge editor or choose from a vast variety of our pre-designed templates in under 5 minutes.

  • Create badge conditions to sort people based on their roles (speakers, sponsors, guests, etc).

  • Easily create different designs for different people.

  • Add QR codes/Barcodes for tracking or check-in purposes.

Can I track the distribution of badges and get reports?

Absolutely! Our badges come with an option to create checkpoints and track your attendees by scanning Barcodes/QR codes on their badges. You can use our versatile web application to scan the badges before you give it to your attendees and this way you can see live reports and analytics right on the phone itself. You can also create additional checkpoints like lunch, kit distribution etc. and use the web app to track attendees at these areas.

When should I order my badges?

If you are ordering paper badges, we suggest a timeline of 5 days before the event. For PVC badges, we suggest a timeline of 7 days before the event and for lanyards, 10 days prior to the event.

How long is the turnaround time?

We usually process the orders the same day. Paper badges are dispatched the next working day, PVC badges are dispatched in 4-5 days time and lanyards are dispatched on the 10 day.

When will I be charged?

We only charge you when you are ready to place an order. Once you have created your design, uploaded your attendee list and seen the preview of the same and place an order, your card will be charged.

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